Your website is the first impression potential customers have

Example Of Websites Created By Blue Crab

Potential clients are easily turned away by a website that looks unprofessional. A professional website builds trust and confidence in your brand, and increases the perceived value of your products. Let us create a quality website to help sell your products or brand.

Why? It's simple:

Save Money On Printed Literature
Your website will always be there, and never runs out. Instead of running to your neighbourhood print shop to get 500 more flyers printed, direct clients to your online info.
Greater Reach
Your website is available to anyone and everyone. Traditionally flyers are sent to a specific sector and is generally very localized. The internet is global, and with 2.4 billion people using it every day your goods and services can potentially have unlimitted exposure.
The Internet Never Closes
Even when you're asleep, potential clients are on the internet. Your catalogue of products and services can be browsed 24 hours a day
Have you ever searched for a store on Google only to find they don't have a website? People will move on by to the next guy who does have a website, thinking they are a better option because they took the time to get on the internet. Also the more professional your site looks, the more credible you look!
Because There Are Others
You likely are not the only one out there who offers your product or service and your competition has a website! You want to have the same exposure and advantages that they have.

Let Blue Crab design the website that suits your needs! Contact Us Today!